HKBMIA successfully held “Hong Kong-Shenzhen Pingshan Bio-Industry Dialogue and Networking Session”
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The Networking Session included Mr. Ming Huang, Director of the Pingshan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, and other Pingshan District representatives, as well as president of the association Prof. Yuk Lam Lo, vice president Dr. Augustine Chow, and Standing Director Dr. Huangquan Lin. The session included industrial, institutional, and university leaders. Association president Prof. Yuk Lam Lo opened the industry conversation. Prof. Lo said that since the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Port opened, more Hong Kong and foreign firms are paying attention to the rapid growth of the Pingshan bio-industry. They have a strong interest in landing projects in Pingshan, but the biggest purpose is helping them grasp the industrial layout and policies. Director Huang Ming informed the industrial representatives about Pingshan's industrial growth benefits, including its biopharmaceutical industry strategic location. The industrial representatives briefly explained their company's development situation and discussed their landing needs in Pingshan with Pingshan District representatives, laying the groundwork for further project landing opportunities. The association will also gather bio-industry professionals from Hong Kong and Taiwan to Pingshan District on July 19, 2023, to strengthen Shenzhen-Hong Kong collaboration.

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