Phoenix Investment Management Co., LTD
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Phoenix (Beijing) Investment Management Co., LTD. ("Phoenix Investment") is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture investment company established in June 2017 and registered as a private equity fund manager with the Asset Management Association of China (Registration Code: P1066274).

Phoenix Investment takes a broad perspective on global technology innovation covering industries such as green energy, biotech, and AI. The core partners of the company have more than 10 years of experiences in these areas and developed their own investment theory and accumulated extensive practical experiences.

The company adheres to the investment philosophy of risk control and value discovery. We follow an asset strategy that:

i) Helps to ensure that we can meet the guaranteed benefits that we have committed to you;

ii) Delivers competitive long-term returns to you through non-guaranteed dividends and bonuses; and

iii) Maintains an acceptable level of risk.

Our investment portfolios are well diversified across various types of assets, and are invested in varied industrial sectors. The assets are carefully managed and monitored according to our own acceptable level of risk.

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