Corporate Member, Huntbest Capital
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Huntbest Capital is a dedicated private equity fund management company. The core team consists of seasoned investors and industry experts in bio-tech, chemistry and advanced materials. Huntbest Capital holds rich experience in equity investments, value discovery, resource integration, and fund operation management, with a focus on investments in bio-tech and renewable energy and advanced materials sectors.

Huntbest Capital adheres to the principle of value investing. With robust scientific research capabilities, a forward-looking investment perspective, and a stable network of industry partners, the company extensively invests in high-quality enterprises throughout the industry value chain. Huntbest Capital is committed to identifying startups and growth-stage companies with industrialization potential and incubating laboratory-stage high-tech enterprises that align with national strategic guidance. By establishing long-term, in-depth, and close cooperative relationships.Huntbest Capital is deeply committed to leveraging capital as a pivotal growth catalyst for businesses, fostering an ecosystem where the expansion of enterprises is harmoniously aligned with the enhancement of investment value.

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