Corporate Member,Ban Loong Holdings Limited
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Ban Loong Holdings Limited (Ban Loong Holdings), formerly known as ABC Communications (Holdings) Limited, was founded in 1971 by Mr. George Ho Cho-chi, a renowned Hong Kong entrepreneur, founder of Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and winner of the Gold Bauhinia Star and Justice of the Peace (JP). In its early years, Ban Loong Holdings specialized in mining, mobile telecommunications services, financial lending, and bulk commodities trading. In 2022, Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. became the controlling shareholder of Ban Loong Holdings. Since then, Ban Loong Holdings started its process of transformation development.

Ban Loong Holdings is based in Hong Kong and links high-quality industrial resources in Mainland China and vast overseas markets. It is a new-type comprehensive platform for international business development that serves both international and domestic clients. Centering on the health industry, its business covers international trade, E-commerce, healthcare, and financial investment, among other things.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Ban Loong Holdings operates entities in multiple places across the world and carries out global operations, covering Asia, America and EMEA region. The company specializes in developing, marketing and promoting healthcare products/ services, ranging from nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, functional food to health tourism and wellness services in the health industry.

Main business:

1. Trading/ E-commerce: Supported by Yunnan Baiyao and its partners’ network in China, as well as the free trade policy in Hong Kong and the global sales network established by Ban Loong Holdings, the company is developing competitive trading and e-commerce platforms, using premium brands and products.

2. Healthcare: Connecting its global resource, Ban Loong Holdings is establishing an international platform for the development and distribution of the healthcare products. Based in Hong Kong, Ban Loong is working closely with its global partners to introduce quality healthcare products/ services to Asian countries. By providing agency services, setting up distribution channels, providing product registration services and performing market analysis for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies/ brands from all over the world in different Asian markets, Ban Loong Holdings aims to provide full range of healthcare products and services in Asia and help its partners to expend their business in different regions as well.

3. Professional services: Ban Loong Holdings is connecting the Chinese medical/ pharmaceutical companies with its global resources, including international supply chain, contract research organization (CRO), industrial experts, global product registration services, etc. Ban Loong Holdings is helping its domestic partners to expend their business into the global market. Its global network and resources make sure that Ban Loong Holdings is able to fulfil different needs of each type of Chinese company in different developing stages.

Closely following national development strategies, Ban Loong Holdings seizes the development opportunities of the health industry in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area by actively conducting investment in the medical and health industry as well as development of international and domestic markets. It fulfills social responsibilities by realizing business transformation in the health trend and promoting industrial upgrading while serving the development of the industry, so as to create new values for its shareholders, employees, business partners and communities.

In the post-pandemic era, Ban Loong Holdings will commits itself to investing in and working for the health industry, providing customers with health solutions through offering professional technology, services, as well as safe and effective products. In the cooperation with excellent business partners at home and abroad, Ban Loong Holdings will work together with its partners to make progress in the industry shoulder to shoulder. Ban Loong Holdings always present respect to its partners and strive together for mutual benefits, in order to take the lead in establishing a healthier lifestyle for people and a sustainable development model for business.

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