HKBMIA Exchange Meeting
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HKBMIA Exchange Meeting

HKBMIA successfully hosted the Exchange meeting on 1st December 2022 – the New Chapter of Hong Kong’s life science industry. President Prof. Yuk Lam Lo started the meeting and welcomed all the members and friends engaged in the life science industry, including representatives from Invest.HK, HKSTP, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and European. During the meeting, the Chief Operating Officer reported HKBMIA recent activities and upcoming plans to the guests. Four members presented during the meeting:

1.Dr Xiaoyi Li, the Founder and Executive Director of Lee’s Pharma

2.Dr Ming Li, the CEO of ZSHK laboratories

3.Mr Samson Lau, the CEO of PrimaNova

4.Mr Maarten Brusse, the General Manager APAC & Global Lab Integration of Cerba Research

It is remarkable that as HKBMIA’s new member who joined us on the July 2022, Cerba Research provides designing and management services for clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. The company provides central lab services in routine and specialised testing within a wide range of fields, including oncology, immunology, genetics, microbiology and clinical pathology. The firm’s laboratories routinely conduct medical clinical testing, ensuring that the tests are performed on a daily basis for diagnostic purposes, patient stratification, staging and follow-up. With cutting-edge technologies at its disposal, Cerba Research’s medical and scientific experts are specialists in their fields equipped for delivering more than just testing.

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