“The Life Sciences Stories in Hong Kong” Press Conference
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14TH JULY 2022

“The Life Science Sciences Stories in Hong Kong” Press Conference

Two proposals of Hong Kong's Biotechnology Innovation Industry - "Constructing Hong Kong's Biotechnology Innovation Industry Ecosystem - Promoting the Development of Biotechnology Innovation Industry as a New Engine and Highlight of Hong Kong's Economic Growth" and "The Life Science Sciences Stories in Hong Kong 2022" were arranged by the executive board of HKBMIA and written by the Chief Operating Officier of the association, Ms. Lifang Ruby Liao, and her assistant analysts: Sunny Chen, Jacky Xu, Christy Ling and Edison Lo. They were all submitted to the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau of HKSAR, Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of HKSAR, the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong, and major universities in Hong Kong and related stakeholders of the industry.

The Proposal explored the possibility and suggestions of building a biotechnology innovation industry ecosystem in Hong Kong through three aspects: the role of government policies, necessary infrastructure, and business environment. The Proposal focuses on the establishment of Hong Kong I&T hub akin to the state's NMPA and the US FDA . This will significantly promote the development of Hong Kong's biotechnology innovation industry and render it becoming a core engine of Hong Kong's economic growth. The “Hong Kong Life Science Story 2022" contains 60 life science stories in Hong Kong about AI Medical, BioPharma, Diagnosis, Healthcare, BioMed Services, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc. Most of these stories are based on projects originated from Hong Kong entrepreneurs that set their labs or business development offices in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and other mainland cities, and center about how these companies made use of Hong Kong's international and geographical advantages and integrate their resources with those of the Greater Bay Area, improve scientific research and market efficiency to boost their own scientific research capabilities.

The purpose of the press conference is to formally report the "Proposal" and "Story 2022" to the industry, and was supported by the City University of Hong Kong and the People's Government of Pingshan District, Shenzhen. The press conference was hosted by HKBMIA's President Prof. Yuk Lam Lo, and invited Professor Dong Sun, Secretary of Innovation Technology and Industry Bureau of HKSAR, Ms. Rebecca Pun, Commissioner of Innovation and Technology Commission, Mr. Jun Yang, Secretary of the Pingshan District Committee of Shenzhen City, Professor Michael Yang, Vice President of City University of Hong Kong, and other all industry scholars and entrepreneurs jointly witnessed the release of the press conference.

The press conference was awarded the "Celebration of HKSAR 25th Anniversary Youth Activity Award Program - Excellent Organization Award", and successfully anointed a student from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to become an "Excellent Volunteer" of the program.

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