Corporate Member, Life Star Biotech
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Life Star Biotech was established in 2016. It expects that the company is not only an international biotechnology company, but also committed to using Taiwan's local silk protein under the concept of circular economy and Zero-waste Philosophy. Through the development of high value-added medical materials, it is expected that Licensing drives overall economic growth and accelerates the overturning of the sericulture industry.Sericulture in Taiwan began when Our National Hero- Zheng Chenggong Prince of Yanping defended Taiwan in 1661, and created an economic miracle in Taiwan's sericulture during the Japanese occupation. After the 90th year of the Taiwan’s History, due to the obstruction of export sales and the shortage of agricultural manpower, the industry officially declined. The sericulture industry has been deeply cultivated in Taiwan for more than a hundred years, and it has been gradually forgotten by modern people during the historical evolution process. Only by revitalizing the industry, breaking away from the traditional framework of silkworm farming and only producing silk fabrics, and moving towards biotechnology, medical treatment, technology, high value-added technical energy and products, can it be possible to create glory again.Life Star Biotech integrates the core concept of sustainability into the DNA of corporate development, traces the source of silkworm cocoon production, establishes a technological agricultural system, strictly implements quality inspection requirements, and then introduces the biotechnology and medical industry to create a local creation system and establish a Corporation Aggregate - Taiwan Silk Protein Technology Develop and innovate Associations, combine schools, communities, and talent training, and create an ecosystem platform through industry vertical and horizontal integration to accelerate industrial development and practice sustainable economy.Life Star Biotech develops high value-added medical devices, ranging from biomaterials, medical device products (dressings, hemostatic materials, surgical biofilms, biostents, etc.) to tissue engineering artificial organs. Under Industry 4.0, the mass production of biotechnology products needs to quickly avoid the difference in yield rate caused by human factors, and it must be carried out in a more accurate, efficient and labor-saving manner. In the future, it can be applied to shorten the product development period and cost, meet individual medical needs, and replace animal experiments. With the advent of the post-epidemic era, under the policy of coexistence with viruses, the demand for tissue and organ repair will greatly promote the demand for bioprinting materials, and bio and cell inks have officially become the necessary materials for tissue engineering products. In addition to artificial skin, Life Star Biotech will also develop artificial corneas in the next step, and continue to cultivate in the artificial organ market, hoping to contribute to the future medical treatment of mankind.

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